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YouTube has over a billion users,
almost one-third of all people on the Internet.*

Video has become an extremely powerful way to communicate a story, highlight your expertise, communicate updates and trends, provide how-to information and build relationships with clients and prospects.

Cryptocurrecy Video

Believe it or not cryptocurrency is being used to buy real estate! As part of Virginia Realtors® Legal Lessons video on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and real estate transactions, we included a fast-moving and visually compelling intro to explain the new currency. It laid the groundwork for the rest of the video. It was a huge hit! (And it was fun to produce.)

West Creek Financial Promo

West Creek Financial is in high growth mode and have more than doubled in size in less than a year. They needed a video explaining their services to help keep them on that explosive upward trajectory. Troy Burns, CIO explains how their business works, the role technology plays and what sets them apart from their competitors. No better way to promote fin-tech than with video!

Support Video

GoochlandCares is a non-profit organization serving Goochland County residents in need. They needed a comprehensive video explaining all twelve of their programs and the impact they have on their community. The video is used for volunteer training, community engagement, and to solicit support. It's a huge success!

KVCF - Entec Testimonial Video

Anthony Ennas, President & CEO of Entec Systems knew how critical it was to have his happy clients validate Entec's services. He took the request one step further and offered participating clients a promotional video for their own business as an expression of his gratitude. We have brilliant clients!

Surveillance Video

The attorney in this Virginia Realtors® Legal Lessons video, talking about surveillance, was shot entirely on green screen with mic'd audio. To drive home the purpose of the video and to make it more visually engaging, our editing team altered the audio and video tracks to appear as though it's actual surveillance footage. Great job fellas!

2017 Sample Reel

Only have time for a quick intro? Take a look at our sample reel.

Tracy Kerzanet Testimonial

Tracy Kerzanet takes such great care of her clients, it's no wonder they're clamoring to sing her praises! Tracy truly goes above and beyond. She knows the best people to tell prospects how committed she is, are happy clients. We loved working with Tracy and this cute couple, on her testimonial video. (If you're buying or selling real estate in RVA, call The Kerzanet Group!)

Márton Jelinkó - RIFF Interview

Márton was a featured director and filmmaker at the 2017 Richmond International Film Festival. As the sponsor, Swedish Match interviewed Márton to be featured in Swedish publications. It was fascinating to hear all about Scandinavian film making, and how different it is from Hollywood. (Márton's accent wasn't too shabby either!)