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You’ll notice right away that working with Design & Conquer isn’t like working with other
marketing or communications teams.

We’re not here to show off our list of accolades or impress you with our client list. Rather than pushing our ideas on you, we listen to what you need and then work together as partners to come up with the right marketing solution for your business.

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Christy Rupertus   Creative Strategist/Founder

Christy Rupertus
Creative Strategist/Founder

Mike Rupertus   Director of Video Production/Co-Founder

Mike Rupertus
Director of Video Production/Co-Founder

Lisa Shappe   Client Services Manager

Lisa Shappe
Client Services Manager

Stephanie Suwak   Content Creator

Stephanie Suwak
Content Creator


Design & Conquer demonstrated creativity and thoughtfulness when putting together projects for us. They strike just the right balance between innovation, listening and accommodating as well as attention to budget concerns (always a major consideration for us as a non-profit).
— Amanda Arwood, VP Marketing & Communications, Virginia Association of Realtors

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A service driven serial problem solver with a huge passion for design fits Christy to a T. She started Design & Conquer in 2009 because she believes that every business or non-profit should have beautifully crafted brands, quality communications, top-notch design and a collaborative team to deliver it. And, as a trained designer, she loves being able to share her talents with clients.

While Christy’s first love is design, her skills extend far beyond just beautiful visuals. She works alongside corporate executives, entrepreneurs, internal marketing directors, and development directors at non-profits to help with everything from brand development to fundraising campaigns.

Christy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Before starting Design & Conquer, she split her professional life between advertising and corporate finance. When she’s not creating outstanding results for her clients, she’s being a mom to two great kids, a really big dog and a few small critters. She’s also married to a pretty cool guy who you’ll find in the Design & Conquer office as the Director of Video Production, DJ, and overall comic relief.


With a love for creative storytelling, it just seems natural that Mike’s focus is on digital media and video production. He joined Design & Conquer in 2016 to provide a critical method of communication for our clients.

Mike is somewhat of a tech nerd so he’s comfortable with all the gear that comes with video and production. But, he’s also a designer. So, when he’s not storyboarding, shooting or editing video, or assembling a step-and-repeat for a client, you can find him designing a logo, an annual report or an e-book. If he’s not hard at work, it’s a good bet he’s making the rest of the team laugh.

Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. Before joining Design & Conquer, his time was spent in corporate finance and internal marketing. When he’s not generating revenue for clients and making his teammates laugh, he’s helping Christy out at home with the kids and pets. He also loves to carve out some time for family fun and date-nights with the Mrs.


Lisa has always been a person who needs things organized and done right. She has spent much of her professional career leading operations and taking care of the details in corporate food service including handling employees, schedules, corporate policies, sales, marketing, finance, and client relations. Her number one goal was always to delight her clients by offering an outstanding experience.

Lisa brings this same goal to Design & Conquer. While her official title is Project Manager but she’s also a Production Manager, Traffic Manager, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, Production Assistant, Designer and Video Assistant. Lisa is vital to the success of Design & Conquer’s clients and contributes her fair share of comic relief at the office as well.

When Lisa isn’t running the show, she’s wife to the love of her life, Bruce, and mom to a Black Lab mix named Lexi, a Shih Tzu named Shelby Rose, and a Shih Tzu named Ellie Mae. She’s also a Mom to a grown son, a friend who loves to hang with her girls, and an avid reader who loves the beach, the pool and aqua aerobics.


Stephanie wrote her first story for the sixth grade newspaper at school and never looked back. Now she brings her talents to clients who need to tell their stories in unique and compelling ways.

With a resume that includes newspaper writing, ad agency experience and a stint in a corporate marketing group, Stephanie loves working on branding, marketing and advertising projects. She is Design & Conquer’s go-to person for everything from website content to brochures to blog posts.

Stephanie graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Journalism and a focus on advertising. She has worked in several cities including Houston, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota and is happy to be in Richmond. When she’s not dreaming up a new headline or brand platform for a client, she enjoys cooking for her husband and friends, reading a good book, and dreaming about her next travel adventure or weekend getaway, which may or may not include a visit to a winery.

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